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10 Angular 7 Interview questions with answers

Angular 7 is the latest stable version of Angular. Here in this article, we are going to see 10 Angular 7 Interview Questions with there answers. If you have one that is asked you in an interview then please share in comments.

1. Why Angular js is used?
Here are the top ten Reasons to use AngularJs
1. MVC Architecture
2. Declarative user interface
3. POJO based Data Models
4. Behavior with directives
5. Availability of filters.
6. Less code
7. Easy DOM manipulations.
8. Unit testing Support
9. Open source
10. Two-way data-binding

2. what’s new angular 7?
Few new features that come in Angular 7 are
Splitting of @angular/core
CLI Prompts
New ng-compiler
Ivy Renderer
Default Build Budgets
Virtual Scrolling CDK
Drag & Drop CDK
RxJS 6.3
Partner Launches

3. what is ngmodel angular?
NgModel is a directive in Angular that allows you to bind input, select, textarea etc HTML controls to application data. It supports both One way and Two-Way Data Binding.

4. How to create angular 7 projects and run it?
Follow the below steps to create a project in Angular 7.
Step1: Install angular CLI

npm install -g @angular\cli

Step2: use ng new command to create your project.

ng new angular7-app

Step3: cd to your project directory

cd angular7-app

Step4: Run your project by ng serve –open command.

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5. What is the component in angular?
A Component is a simple kind for the directive in Angular that uses a simpler configuration which is suitable for a component-based application structure.
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6. what is observable in angular?
Observables are a special type of object that helps to manage async code. Angular uses observables as an interface to handle different common asynchronous operations in an application.

7. How to install bootstrap angular?
In Angular, you can install bootstrap by running below command.

npm install ngx-bootstrap bootstrap --save

8. What is a module in angular?
In Angular modules are a wrapper that contains multiple/ single components, directives, pipes, and services, related to an application.

9. What is ivy in angular?
Ivy is a new render engine in Angular that takes the templates and components written in angular and converts it into browser understandable HTML and JavaScript.

10. What is promise in angular?
A promise is introduced in ES6. A promise is an object in JavaScript that may produce a value some time in the future: either a resolved value or a reason that it’s not resolved. There are 3 possible states of Promise fulfilled, rejected, or pending.


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