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[#2] Creating the user interface with HTML – Javascript Fun: Build a Guess The Number Game!

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[#2] Creating the user interface with HTML – Javascript Fun: Build a Guess The Number Game!

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Welcome to the Javascript fun series!

For web design or development, there is 3 must know technologies, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

The main aim of the Javascript fun series is to take your knowledge of these 3 (only a little is required!), and put them into practice by building a series of educational, yet fun projects show you exactly how they work perfectly together. Working on projects and solving problems is a great way to learn.

The project we will be building in this course is a Guess the number game. The game involves the player guessing the computers random number between 1-100, in a limited number of attempts!

All the required tools are free to download, I will be using the following:
Atom Text Editor:​
Chrome Web Browser:​

We begin by creating the user interface with HTML. The we apply styling using CSS.

Then we add Javascript, this is where the real magic happens!

You will learn things such as:

Creating HTML interfaces
Styling with CSS
Incorporating Javascript and linking external files
Comparison (if, else if, else statements)
Event handlers
Arrays & pushing values to arrays
Manipulating the DOM
Adding styles & attributes with Javascript
Javascript Math
String concatenation
And much more!
So if you are looking to move on and put your skills into practice using with real projects, take this course now!




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00:03 [Music]

00:09 so I have up on the screen the finished

00:12 product this is the completed project

00:14 and this video is all about creating the

00:17 user interface which is basically all

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