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A 100 seconds recap of CSS-Minsk-JS 2018 Conference

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A 100 seconds recap of CSS-Minsk-JS 2018 Conference

🔴 CSS-Minsk-JS 2018 — the first English speaking front-end conference in Belarus.

It took place on September 21-22, 2018 in Minsk, Belarus, at Victoria Olimp Hotel.

⏳ Next edition — September 20-21, 2019!

It was a 2 days 1 track event with workshops on both days:
✔️ CSS day (talks about CSS, SVG, a11y etc.) & JS workshops;
✔️ JS day (performance, frameworks, devtools etc.) & CSS workshops.

⚪️ 500+ developers gathered together to learn about the latest trends in CSS and JS world.

💬 Among the topics of the conference were:
→ web typography from the eastern languages features to variable fonts;
→ tensorflow.js and machine learning;
→ front-end performance: debugging issues, modern syntax impact;
→ creativity in 3D with Three.js;
→ coding standards and modern dev tooling;
→ BDD testing with Codecept.js
→ deep dive in CSS;
→ accessibility issues in web UI;
→ and many more!

⚫️ Our main goal is experience and knowledge sharing in the international community. We support ideas of open-web, opensource software and free access to knowledge.

The conference is organized by
Minsk JS & MinskCSS communities together with SPACE Production and Lovata Software Development Company

👥 Join us to get all the freshest updates:
✅ Twitter: @CSS_Minsk_JS
:white_check_mark: Telegram: CSSMinskJS
✅ Instagram: @css_minsk_js
✅ The official hashtag is #CSSMinskJS.

Contact us:
💁 Daria Shabala, Project Manager
+375 29 7393416, [email protected]

💁‍♂️ Misha Malikin, Partner Account Manager
+375 29 678-56-34, [email protected]




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00:12 It feels amazing to have

00:14 like the first time ever English-speaking conference.

00:16 I think that that's a massive improvement

00:19 that we can actually as an international community go to Belarus

00:23 and actually communicate with the developers here.

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