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a new video course to level up your React

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Today I’m releasing my brand new video series titled “React in Five”

I’ve been working with, writing tutorials, and speaking about React for a few
years now and something that I get asked fairly often is how to improve as a
React developer.

The first answer is to spend time building React applications, but often people
will miss out on the small tricks, tips, or lesser known parts of React that can
make a big difference. That’s what this course is all about. Every video is
less than five minutes long and covers a small part of React that you may or
may not have come across, but will have an impact on how you build React

The series is made up of ten videos, purposefully designed to be easily
watchable on a commute, on a quick break from work or when you’ve got a spare
five minutes over a weekend. The first four videos in the series are free and
you can purchase the rest for $20.

PS: if you purchased the testing course, or you’re subscribed to the mailing
list, keep an eye out for a little discount code heading your way.

By purchasing the videos you’ll also get access to all the source code, any
updates over time and the ability to email me with questions about the course.

If this sounds interesting, you can watch the first video below, and head to the
React in Five course page for the rest of the videos and to
buy the full package.

Don’t miss my latest course, React in Five! This course will help you level up your React skills by covering lesser known parts of the React API. Each video is less than five minutes long, and the first four are free to watch. Get started now.

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