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About Me – Rebah Özkoç – Medium

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Hello, I am a novice computer science student. I will post some interesting and useful stuff here for you; explorers of the deep, dark and icy web. (Because you have discovered my blog 😃)My native language isn’t English. I am not able to make complex sentences as you can see 😺. However, I hope this blog will improve my writing skills in the course of time.


A scene from the coolest movie, Who am I

(I warn you, this part is a little boring. 😜) My name is Rebah. I am from Ankara, Turkey. I am a first year CS student at Hacettepe University, which is currently the best University in Turkey according to academic performance. You can see the chart by clicking here. I am 19 years old. I love maths so much and this is one of the reasons why I am studying CS. Traveling is my favorite hobby and sometimes I will post my traveling photos here. Stay tuned, goodbye.

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