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alexfoxy/laxxx: Simple & light weight vanilla javascript plugin to create beautiful animations things when you scrolllll!! Harness the power of the most intuitive interaction and make your websites come alive!

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Simple & light weight (2kb minified & zipped) vanilla javascript plugin to create beautiful animations when you scrolllll! Harness the power of the most intuitive interaction and make your websites come alive!

>>> DEMO <<<

Getting started

  1. Add laxxx.js to your html
<script src="lib/laxxx.min.js" >
  1. Initialize the plugin
window.onload = function() {
	laxxx.setup({ /* opts */ }) // init
	document.addEventListener('scroll', function(e) {
	  laxxx.update(window.scrollY) // update every scroll
	}, false)

	laxxx.update(window.scrollY) // set initial positions
  1. Add attributes to the HTML tags you want to animate e.g.
<p laxxx-preset="spin fadeInOut">Look at me goooooo!</p>
  1. Scroll and enjoy!


The easiest way to get started is to use the presets via the laxxx-preset attribute. You can chain multiple presetes together for e.g. laxxx-preset="blurOut fadeOut spin". Some presets also support an optional strength e.g. laxxx-preset="blurOut-50"

See the list of Supported Presets for details.

Custom Animations

You can easily create your own effects. Just add an attribute to your HTML tag (see Supported Attribute Keys) with an array of values. These arrays take the format of scrollPos val, scrollPos val, ... e.g:

<p laxxx-opacity="0 1, 100 1, 200 0">
	I start to fade out after the window scrolls 100px
	and then I'm gone by 200px!

By default the scrollPos is window.scrollY but you can use an element distance from the top of the screen instead. You can either pass in a selector laxxx-anchor="#bio" or set it to use itself laxxx-anchor="self" (this is the default for all presets) e.g.

<p laxxx-opacity="200 1, 100 1, 0 0" laxxx-anchor="self">
	I start to fade out after I'm 100px away from the top of the window
	and then I'm gone by the time I reach the top!

There are also some shortcuts for useful values:

Key Value
vw window.innerWidth
vh window.innerHeight
elw targetElement.clientHeight
elh targetElement.clientWidth

You can use these instead of integer values for the scrollPos e.g.

<p laxxx-opacity="0 1, vh 0">
	I fade out as the page scrolls down and
	I'm gone when the page has scrolled the view port height!

You can also do calculations using ( ) e.g.

<p laxxx-opacity="0 1, (vh*0.5) 0">
	I fade out as the page scrolls down and
	I'm gone when the page has scrolled half the view port height!

Supported Presets

Preset Default Strength
linger n/a
lazy 100
eager 100
lazy 100
slalom 50
crazy n/a
spin 360
spinRev 360
spinIn 360
spinOut 360
blurInOut 40
blurIn 40
blurOut 40
fadeInOut n/a
fadeIn n/a
fadeOut n/a
driftLeft 100
driftRight 100
leftToRight 1
rightToLeft 1
zoomInOut 0.2
zoomIn 0.2
zoomOut 0.2

Supported Attribute Keys


Transform Key
opacity laxxx-opacity
translate laxxx-translate
translateX laxxx-translate-x
translateY laxxx-translate-y
scale laxxx-scale
scaleX laxxx-scale-x
scaleY laxxx-scale-y
skew laxxx-skew
skewX laxxx-skew-x
skewY laxxx-skew-y
rotate laxxx-rotate

Filters (note – these may be unperformant on low powered machines)

Filter Key
brightness laxxx-brightness
contrast laxxx-contrast
hue-rotate laxxx-hue-rotate
blur laxxx-blur
invert laxxx-invert
saturate laxxx-saturate
grayscale laxxx-grayscale

Custom Presets

To avoid duplicate code you can define your own presets with a list of attributes e.g.

laxxx.addPreset("myCoolPreset", function() {
	return { 
		"laxxx-opacity": "(-vh*0.8) 40, (-vh*0.6) 0",
		"laxxx-rotate": "(-vh*2) 1000, (-vh*0.5) 0" 

You can then access this preset like this:

<p laxxx-preset="myCoolPreset">
	I'm the coolest preset in the world 😎



By default -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; is added to your elements style to encourage the browser to render that object as a layer on the GPU and increase performance. To turn this off add laxx-optimize="false" to your element.

Scroll Wheels

Scroll wheels only icrement the scroll position in steps which can cause the animations to look janky. You can use the SmoothScroll ( plugin to smooth this out, however there maybe performance implications that need investigating.

To Do / Ideas

  • Add debug mode
  • Elastic bouncing values
  • Optimise elements that go off screen
  • Impliment a tween for scroll wheels to remove dependancy on smoothscroll
  • Better error reporting
  • Add “momentum” as option for anchor & presets

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