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Angular 7 State Management with Redux (NgRx 6)

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Angular 7 State Management with Redux (NgRx 6)

This is an introductory video to using a redux library with Angular. In this video, we use a redux library known as NgRx (version 6).

This is not a beginner’s level course. Prior to watching this video, you should be comfortable working with the core Angular concepts and at least somewhat familiar with RxJs observables.

Topics not covered: NgRx selectors and entities. They are not covered in this video because this focuses on the core concepts. I believe that doing so will help the viewer will gain familiarity with the design pattern prior to moving onto abstractions such as selectors and entities.

Here is a link to the code created during the demo:

NgRx github page:

The API used to simulate a backend API in this demo:

Great website for learning about some RxJs operators:

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00:01 hi welcome back this is Andrew I'm going

00:04 to explain to you the Redux pattern

00:07 today and in terms of angular so let's

00:11 start off well basically Redux is a

00:14 design pattern it's commonly used in

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