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Angular Material And Angular 6 - Material Design For Angular

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Links: Live Demo | Code on GitHub

Angular Material is a collection of Material Design components for Angular. By using these components you can apply Material Design very easily. With the release of Angular 6 the usage of Angular Material has become easier as well. In this tutorial we’ll take a look at the recent changes. You’ll learn how to use Angular Material in your Angular 6 project in the most easy way.

The Angular Material website can be found at

Setting Up The Angular 6 Project

To get starte we first need to setup the Angular 6 project. This is done by using Angular CLI ( If you have not installed Angular CLI on your system yet you first need to follow the steps from the project’s website to make the command line interface available on your system.

Once Angular CLI has been installed successfully you can initiate the new project by using the ng command in the following way:

$ ng new ngMat01

In this example ngMat01 is the name of the new project. A new project folder (with that name) is created, the Angular project template is downloaded and the needed dependencies are installed.


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