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Avdi and Jess stumble through modern web development

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Avdi and Jess stumble through modern web development

Avdi has a web app he wants to make. Jess knows a little bit about glitch, so they try to make something together.
We get as far as:
– remix a glitch app
– follow the links from package.json through node, html, webpack, and React to see how the app fits together
– argue about GraphQL
– leave commentary for Jenn Schiffer about glitch
– understood components (well, “understand” is a strong word. we pontificated)
– reminisced about the cycle of embedding HTML in JS and vice versa: JSX is a prettier PHP
– got confused and looked at debuggers in Chrome
– fixed a bug

Not that we started the new app, but we got background of how this whole web app fits together.




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00:00 okay okay we're starting really yes

00:04 ringing yes okay okay this is called to

00:09 really experience developers look really

00:11 stupid because we don't actually know

00:15 how to make programs anymore apparently

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