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Brave Browser vs Chrome – The Best Web Browser Comparison!

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Brave Browser vs Chrome – The Best Web Browser Comparison!

In this video, I compare Brave Browser vs Chrome side-by-side to see which offers a better browsing experience. I highly recommend checking out the Brave Browser which is free to download!


The competitive edge goes to Brave Browser over Google Chrome especially on mobile. Web pages load faster saving you money on your data plan. There is so much additional functionality that the Brave Browser offers as well, not just your personal Brave VPN. The themes for Brave Browser are also incredible and the user experience is excellent.

I cover what is Brave Browser and talk about extensions for Brave + more!

Download the Brave Browser today and receive $5 worth of FREE cryptocurrency! It’s free to download and is my go-to browser for EVERYTHING.

Are you tired of intrusive advertisements? Brave blocks all ads by default.

Are you concerned about your online privacy? Brave blocks trackers from websites.

Want to get paid cryptocurrency to surf the web? Receive Brave payments for opting in to view ads.

I use Brave on both my laptop and android device. The Brave Browser vpn provides an extra layer of security if you’re concerned about your privacy.

If you sign up through my referral link you will receive $5 worth of cryptocurrency FOR FREE!

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Thank You For Watching! 😀

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00:00 hey what's up everybody my name is will

00:02 and today we're going to compare the

00:04 brave browser and Google Chrome

00:05 side-by-side to see which is better so

00:12 what is the brave browser the brave is

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