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New technology big data analysis in Tami

New technology big data analysis in Tami Explain about big data Example Characteristics Challages Hadoop Agriculture based on iot Machine learning Iot Block chain source  


Introduction to TIBCO Spotfire

Introduction to TIBCO Spotfire Learn about one of the best data visualization tool in the industry, this will help you to do your data analysis and take better decisions much faster then ever. Spotfire allows you to bring data from any kind of source, blend it together and do wonders . . . Read more


Introduction to BigData Hadoop Demo

Introduction to BigData Hadoop Demo In this demo class I have explained.. Generation of TB of data over internet in seconds. Need of Hadoop/Bigdata What is Hadoop/Bigdata Benefit of learning Hadoop/Bigdata. Career opportunity in Hadoop/Bigdata Pre-requsite for learning Hadoop. H/w & S/w requirement for Hadoop. Training details. source  


False Graphic in Urdu

False Graphic in Urdu This video explains the concept of false graphic in Urdu -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “What does 360 Degree Feedback measure , 360 ڈگری کی رائے کی پیمائش کیا ہے؟” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- source  

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