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JavaScript Classes

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about JavaScript classes and how to create new objects using the new keyword. JavaScript has a bit of a non-traditional way to approach object-oriented programming (OOP). However, with the ES6 class definition you can hide a lot of the complexity. In this tutorial, you’ll learn . . . Read more


JavaScript anonymous functions

In this tutorial, you’ll learn what an anonymous function is in JavaScript and when and why you might want to use one. In a previous JavaScript essentials lesson, we looked at how to create functions in different ways and then call those functions to run code at any point in . . . Read more


JavaScript functions

In this tutorial, you’ll learn 3 different ways to define JavaScript functions and how to use them to create re-usable code. We’ve already seen how loops in JavaScript can easily allow you to repeat code but a function allows you to define a sequence of statements which can then be . . . Read more


JavaScript Switch statements

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use JavaScript Switch Statements to make decisions based on the value of a variable. So far in the series, we’ve seen how to make decisions in JavaScript using if statements which require a boolean value or a boolean expression to run the code . . . Read more


JavaScript using loops with Arrays

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use a JavaScript for loop to iterate through the items in an array. In a previous lesson, we learn how to create and access items in an array with JavaScript and in another, we saw how to create while and for loops. . . . Read more

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