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ssimunic/iot-device-management: Using Ethereum blockchain platform for identity, authentication and reputation of IoT devices

Source link Introduction A system that leverages Ethereum platform for identity, authentication and reputation of IoT devices. Devices are registered in a smart contract via a web interface and send cryptographically signed messages to a platform that validates them using blockchain. This project is a part of my undergraduate thesis . . . Read more


GitHub – koddr/goodshare.js at 6.0.0

Source link Useful jQuery plugin modern JavaScript solution for share a link from your website to social networks or mobile messengers. Easy to install and configuring on any of your website! Features Simple install, extensive documentation, developer support, SEO friendly, small bundle size (gzipped size: 3.9 Kb), many options for . . . Read more


JavaScript Promises – SuperJavascipt

Source link Promises in JavaScript are a tool for dealing with callbacks. I’ll cover all the basics about promises here, but to understand JavaScript promises it is good to understand the motivation behind them. So we will have a look at how they compare to plain callbacks. Plain Callbacks Here . . . Read more


jasop – npm

Source link A JavaScript wrapper. const Jasop = require(“jasop”) Jasop(    “”,     {        height: 100,         scrollbars: true         width: 200,         title: “MyWindow”,         replace: true     }) Source link  

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