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The Clipboard API crashcourse – Frontend News #2

Source link Security makes copy and paste weird on the web Copy and paste has a strange history on the web. There’s no real standard. Most browsers have settled on document.execCommand(‘copy’) and document.execCommand(‘paste’). While that seems easy enough, there’s some (justified) weirdness. const result = document.executeCommand(‘copy’); If this is your . . . Read more


A Plugin-based Universal Web Framework

Source link A little-known fact is that Uber builds a lot of web-based applications, hundreds of them and counting, in fact. Many of them are internal apps for managing various aspects of the business while others are public facing. A more well-known fact is that web technologies change quickly and . . . Read more


August 1st, 2018 — Share APIs with Standard Library

Source link Hey everyone! Today we have a special update and release live from ServerlessConf San Francisco. Since launching API Permissions two weeks ago the team has been hard at work iterating on our latest feature: improving the API Sharing (permission enabling) workflow for your Standard Library APIs built with . . . Read more

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