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AI year in review – Facebook Code

Source link At Facebook, we think that artificial intelligence that learns in new, more efficient ways – much like humans do – can play an important role in bringing people together. That core belief helps drive our AI strategy, focusing our investments in long-term research related to systems that learn . . . Read more


Open source: 2018 Year in review

Source link At Facebook, we believe in the value of open source technology to achieve a shared goal of improving tools and frameworks used by the entire community. To continue our work toward that goal, we released 153 new open source projects in 2018. Our active portfolio (after removing or archiving . . . Read more


Data centers: 2018 year in review

Source link For 2018, we knew we needed to continue scaling our data center capacity while simultaneously making our infrastructure even more powerful and efficient. Over the past year, we’ve expanded to a total of 15 data center locations, with new centers announced in Newton County, Georgia; Eagle Mountain, Utah; . . . Read more


Wav2letter++, the fastest open source speech system, and flashlight

Source link WHAT THE RESEARCH IS: A new fully convolutional approach to automatic speech recognition and wav2letter++, the fastest state-of-the-art end-to-end speech recognition system available. The approach leverages convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for acoustic modeling and language modeling, and is reproducible, thanks to the toolkits we are releasing jointly. HOW . . . Read more


DNS over TLS: Encrypting DNS end-to-end

Source link As a first step toward encrypting the last portion of internet traffic that has historically been cleartext, we have partnered with Cloudflare DNS on a pilot project. This pilot takes advantage of the benefits of Transport Layer Security (TLS) — a widely adopted and proven mechanism for providing . . . Read more

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