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Mobile World Congress 2019: Better global connectivity

Source link Through Facebook Connectivity, we are working to bring internet access and its benefits to everyone — giving more people a voice, strengthening communities, and creating new economic opportunities. To do this, we take a partner-first approach, working with network operators, equipment manufacturers, and other partners to introduce new . . . Read more


Releasing React Hooks for React 16.8

Source link WHAT’S NEW: We’ve released React Hooks, a powerful new way to write components and reuse code between them. React 16.8 is the first stable React release with support for Hooks. React Native will also support Hooks in its 0.59 release. Hooks are fully backward compatible and work alongside your . . . Read more


FAIR open-sources new ELF OpenGo model and dataset

Source link Facebook AI Research (FAIR) has released new features and research results, including a completely retrained model of ELF OpenGo using reinforcement learning. The new bot outperforms the previous bot, which defeated several top 30 professional Go players 20-0 and has been widely adopted by the AI research community . . . Read more


Mark Harman wins 2019 IEEE Harlan D. Mills award

Source link The IEEE Computer Society recently selected Facebook London’s Mark Harman as the recipient of the 2019 Harlan D. Mills Award. The award recognizes those who have demonstrated long-standing, sustained, and impactful contributions to software engineering. Previous winners include distinguished scientists from NASA, Microsoft, and AT&T. Learn more about . . . Read more

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