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Testing React with Enzyme and Jest: a new video course

Source link [ad_1] Today I’m releasing my brand new video series titled “Testing React with Jest and Enzyme”. I’ve been working with, writing tutorials, and speaking about React for a few years now and something that I get asked more often than not is how to test React components. There . . . Read more


Preferring code over comments

Source link [ad_1] I think we’d all agree that code comments are a good way to document code that is otherwise hard to follow. Sometimes there’s just no way to make the code as clear as you’d like and a comment is a good solution. That said, comments have one . . . Read more


Habits of Successful React components

[ad_1] One of the best features of React, and one of the reasons I think so many people love using it, is that it gives you the freedom to choose what approach you’re going to take. As a primarily view based library, React provides no out-the-box opinions on how you . . . Read more


Getting started with JSON Decoding in Elm

[ad_1] This post was first published on but has now been updated and moved to this blog. Something that continually trips beginners up in Elm is dealing with JSON responses from a third party API. I think this is because it’s a completely new concept to those picking up . . . Read more

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