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How to run JavaScript in IntelliJ IDEA

Source link Hi guys, I’m relatively new to programming and want to be able to program in JavaScript on IntelliJ but don’t know anything about how to do that. Looking for any pointers or recommendations! Thanks so much in advance submitted by /u/InterplanetaryFry [comments] Source link  


Help using packages : javascript

Source link TL;DR: Can anybody explain how to use an npm package on client side? Nothing works for me. I’m trying to get an npm package working on client side, and I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I’ve spent at least five hours googling and messing around and haven’t got any success, so . . . Read more


Help creating collisions : javascript

Source link Hello everyone, right now I’m having trouble creating platform collisions on the 2nd level of a game I’m making. It for some reason just doesn’t detect it. I’ve already created the first level and everything went smooth. I am not using canvas btw. This is what the first . . . Read more

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