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Update Node.js to the Latest Version! (Direct Links)

Source link Node.js Download links for macOS: 10.14.1 LTS macOS 11.3.0 Current macOS Node.js Download links for Windows: 10.14.1 LTS Windows 32-bit 10.14.1 LTS Windows 64-bit 11.3.0 Current Windows 32-bit 11.3.0 Current Windows 64-bit Additional Platforms & Resources: For other downloads like Linux libraries, source codes, Docker images, etc.. please . . . Read more


Designing Microservices Architectures in Berlin

Source link We’re going the deliver our last microservices training of 2018 on December 3-4 in Berlin, Germany! In case you’d like to join, sign up here: Sign up for the workshop! What’s the Microservices Training about? During the course of these two days, we will cover a high-level architectural . . . Read more


Git Catastrophes and Tips to Avoid Them

Source link In this post, I’d like to highlight some git features that might be less used/known, but can end up saving your @$$ when things go south in the codebase. Fortunately, it is really hard to irrevocably mess something up with git, as long as you have the .git . . . Read more

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