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Co-op and Careers in Software Engineering @ RIT

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Co-op and Careers in Software Engineering @ RIT

Learn how RIT’s co-op program prepares students for full-time employment. Software Engineering students complete four co-op blocks – 10 weeks of paid employment in their field of interest.

In this video, students explain the co-op program, and share first-hand accounts of their experiences at companies like Microsoft, Walt Disney, EA Games and more.

This video also includes feedback from employers who have worked with our students, and career statistics for the field (salary, projected growth, etc).
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00:07 we basically state to take a quarter or

00:10 two off and we go into industry and work

00:12 in our field I coop at systems the Walt

00:15 Disney Company guards I worked at Google

00:17 Jewish Aerospace Oracle systems

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