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Complete MATLAB App Design Tutorial

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Complete MATLAB App Design Tutorial

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The Complete MATLAB Course Bundle!

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If you want to get started creating apps in MATLAB, you will LOVE this tutorial! This video covers the GUIDE and App Designer utilities in MATLAB for developing your own apps. You can trust Dr. Nouman Azam to guide you through developing your first MATLAB app, and if you enroll in the MATLAB App Designing: The ultimate Guide for MATLAB Apps Udemy course you can get 1 on 1 help with any question you may have!

Time Stamps
00:36 Course outline
04:08 How to access the GUIDE utility
16:28 Grid and lines
23:07 Set and get functions
26:12 Simple addition program
40:48 Briefing on available controls
1:02:36 Knobs and discrete knobs

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00:00 hello everyone and today I have another

00:01 MATLAB tutorial for you

00:03 this one covering MATLAB app designing

00:06 using the guide in app designer

00:08 utilities this is courtesy of dr.

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