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Create CMS in PHP – SEO Friendly URL – Part – 6 – Semalt

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Create CMS in PHP – SEO Friendly URL – Part – 6 – Semalt

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Creating CMS in PHP using SEO Friendly URL is very simple and does not require much changes in your CMS. As we have completed our CMS videos and it is the last video of CMS series.

In this video you will see that we have just created a .htaccess file and our CMS is URL Friendly, Search Engine Friendly, SEO Friendly.

As i am not able to show you the demo over my localhost i have uploaded a demo over my server and used the same code which you can see here.

Now click on the first box and it will show you how its working. If you want the whole CMS Tutorial using PHP than here is the link.

Create CMS Using PHP with SEO Friendly URLs

This video will solve your some of the questions like.
How to create SEO Friendly URL in PHP
How to create SEO Friendly URL in PHP using htaccess
How to create SEO Friendly URLs with PHP Mysql

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