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Designing Microservices Architectures in Berlin

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We’re going the deliver our last microservices training of 2018 on December 3-4 in Berlin, Germany! In case you’d like to join, sign up here:

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What’s the Microservices Training about?

During the course of these two days, we will cover a high-level architectural overview of what is needed to design, develop and maintain an application built with microservices.

We will examine a microservices application developed adhering to current best practices, deploy it on Kubernetes and add the necessary infrastructural elements to make it resilient and self-healing.

This course is for you if..

  • you are considering microservices for your organization,
  • you want to understand microservices better,
  • you want to migrate to microservices.


  • Prior Node.js knowledge is nice to have as we will take tooling examples from its ecosystem.
  • Prior Kubernetes or any other container orchestration system knowledge is nice to have. You will understand the technological background a lot better, though we can have a quick Kubernetes crash course in the beginning if need be.
  • No prior experience with Microservices is required – we will cover everything you need to get started.
  • A laptop with an Unix based OS
  • Docker installed
  • Minikube installed
  • kubectl installed

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Workshop Agenda:

1. Microservices Architecture in the Company:

  • Monolith applications
  • Microservices
  • Organizational effect
  • Where did the complexity go?
  • Automation

2. Moving to Microservices:

  • When not to choose microservices?
  • Evolutionary design
  • API Gateway

3. Decentralized Data Management:

  • Granularity of a service
  • Service communication
  • Automation and microservices
  • Service bootstrapping
  • Service principles and best practices

4. Architectural Patterns in Distributed Systems:

  • Idempotency
  • Data models
  • Microservices anti-patterns
  • Event driven microservic

5. Reliability in Microservices:

  • Caching
  • Risk of the microservice architecture
  • Graceful degradation
  • Failover caching
  • Change management
  • Health-check and load balancing
  • Self-healing
  • Retry logic
  • Fail fast
  • Circuit breakers
  • Rate limiters and load shedders
  • Testing for failures

6. Testing Microservices:

  • Local development
  • Testing in microservices
  • Unit testing
  • Contract testing
  • Integration tests
  • E2E testing
  • UI Testing

7. Debugging and Monitoring Microservices:

  • Logging in a distributed system
  • Monitoring Microservices

Why learn from RisingStack?

We provide professional development, training and consulting services from the early days of Node, and help companies like Lufthansa, Cisco & LogMeIn to build Microservices Architectures.

We’ve spent the previous 4 years with writing long-form tutorials & delivering software development workshops. Our experts have written more than 200 articles on the topics of Node.js, Microservices & Front-End development.

RisingStack has been named as one of the leading Node.js companies of the Battery Open-Source Software Index in TechCrunch’s “Tracking the explosive growth of open-source software” analysis.

Also, the feedbacks from our previous open-trainings are available here:

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