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Discord.JS Coding | Setting Up The Bot (Ping Command) #1

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Discord.JS Coding | Setting Up The Bot (Ping Command) #1

Hello and welcome to the IStayThatWay YT channel. As you may know I am SpecificallyGaming, but I decided to open up this channel because why not :). Today I will be coding a tutorial bot for you guys to learn NodeJS and JavaScript coding so you can create a cool creation! The Official IStayThatWay Discord Server is coming soon!

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Install Discord.JS in your bot file cmd:

npm install discord.js -s

Install the packages into your bot file cmd:
npm init -y –save

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00:00 yo guys what is up I say that way here

00:02 and today what we're going to be doing

00:04 is we are going to be making a disc or

00:08 Bop today we're just gonna be setting up

00:10 the files and stuff like that so let's

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