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DIY Smart Stand up wheelchair using Raspberry Pi & RF Controller

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DIY Smart Stand up wheelchair using Raspberry Pi & RF Controller

This video shows the demonstration of “Smart Stand-up Wheelchair using Android Touch Screen & RF Controller”. This System is is use to help disable and paralysis patient to move around conveniently. This is system working on android button command helps patient to move, stand and raise a help, easily by just pressing button.

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Smart Stand-up wheelchair using Raspberry Pi and RF Controller

This advanced system can be used by disabled people to move around conveniently. Patients with paralysis or leg disability face difficulties for reaching places. Some people try to use walker, in many cases the patient can lose balance and fall and get injured. In order to prevent such circumstances our system can be used. This system is powered by Raspberry Pi, it is equipped with the graphical LCD and RF module, a GSM and GPS module, servo motor and wheel chair. The user can input command to operate a wheelchair to achieve a desire movement. The transmitter and the receiver circuit interact with each other using RF communication. This system also has an emergency feature, the user needs to press the help button during emergency. This system automatically senses the GPS coordinate to the caretaker. In case the if the patient is unable to press the button, then they can simply speak the help command into the mic for an emergency. After powering the system on, the phone number gets configured. Then patient can move by using button commands. Patient can use forward and backward buttons to move in front or back direction and to stop on some certain place they can press stop button, and to turn left or right there are left right button and to make the chair stand, the patient can press stand button and to come back to the same position patient can repress the same button. In case of emergency patient can press help button. As the patient will press the help button the system will send the GPS location to the caretaker. In this way, this system can be used to help the paralysis or leg disable patient.
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