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I have a program that performs extensive analysis on data. It currently marshalls the input and results to XML which are rendered in the browser using xsl.

I need many different representations of the same data and some actions such as offering a recommendation and a button which links to a service to effect that action.

I could Marshall in JSON.

I know very little about about front end work. I understand tables are ancient technology.

I quit this whole world of programming ten years ago so I am rusty, but a trip to Ethiopia turned bad, hepatitis leading to renal failure now I have to pay for a kidney transplant, not in my budget. Fortunately I have a client who will buy my old software if I can modernize the front end.

I have time, but the internet here is really bad.

Some examples of code that does what I am trying to do in the browser would be appreciated. I can handle the back end REST.

I am on a phone now but will have my computer in a few days.

Thanks, Reddit

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