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Excel for HR: Market Benchmark Pay Report with Floating Bar Chart (Part 1)

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Excel for HR: Market Benchmark Pay Report with Floating Bar Chart (Part 1)

Topic: Benchmark with Market Pay for Multiple Jobs (Part 1)
Chart Type: Clustered Column Chart
Business Scenario: You need to decide whether to increase pay level for a job (Business is complaining!).

You have the market data for 2 jobs and you want to visualize them for yourself and your clients.

In the next video, I will show you how to compare the market pay to internal employee pay and visualize them.

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00:01 hello everyone today I want to show you

00:04 how to benchmark with market pay for

00:07 multiple jobs so the business scenario

00:10 is like this which is actually a typical

00:12 one so you are a HR manager and then a

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