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How To Become A Data Scientist Complete Pathway | Road Map To Become a Data Scientist

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How To Become A Data Scientist Complete Pathway | Road Map To Become a Data Scientist

I’m kaish ansari and in this video I’ve talked about the complete pathway of how one can become a data scientist. I hope this video will help you!!

Important Links-
The Open Source Data Science Curriculum
Start here.
1.Intro to Data Science / UW Videos
2. Math
2.1 Linear Algebra & Programming
Linear Algebra Khan Academy / Videos
Link –

2.2 Statistics
Link –

2.3 Differential Equations & Calculus
Differential Equations in Data Science Python Tutorial
Problem Solving

Link –

2.4 Problem-Solving Heuristics “How To Solve It” Polya / Book $10

Link –

3. Computing
3.1 Algorithms
Algorithms Design & Analysis I Stanford / Coursera
Link –

3.2 Distributed Computing Paradigms
See Intro to Data Science UW / Lectures on MapReduce
Link –

Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce Cloudera / Udacity Course *includes select free excerpts
Link ––ud617

3.3 Databases
Introduction to Databases Stanford / Online Course
Link –

3.4 Data Mining
Mining Massive Data Sets / Stanford Coursera & Digital & Book $58
Link –

3.5 Machine Learning
Machine Learning Ng Stanford / Coursera & Stanford CS 229
Link –
4. Data Analysis
in Python
Data Analysis in Python Tutorial
Link –
5.Data Communication and Design
Link –
6. Python (Learning)
Link –

Python (Libraries)
Installing Basic Packages Python, virtualenv, NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib and IPython & Using Python Scientifically

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