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How to Create an eCommerce Website (Online Store) in WordPress – 2019!

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How to Create an eCommerce Website (Online Store) in WordPress – 2019!

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Introduction 00:00:00
Overview 00:10:51
Get Domain & Hosting 00:13:37
Use Code: SHOPNOW for 60% Off
Install WordPress 00:19:23
Configure Settings 00:22:12
Install Theme 00:26:05
Install Plugins 00:28:23
Configure WooCommerce 00:32:28
Add Pages 00:36:30
Create Menu & Set Homepage 00:38:51
Set Default Page Layout 00:43:05
Create Hero Slider 00:44:19
Sourcing Products 01:00:46
Add Products 01:09:00
Add Product Filter 01:25:20
Shop Page Display 01:29:21
Add Blog Posts 01:31:02
Display Products on Homepage 01:39:08
Display Categories to Homepage 01:49:20
Display Blog Posts 01:53:36
Add Featured/CTA Section 01:56:11
Make Website Mobile Friendly 02:03:05
Add Social Media 02:09:48
Customize Footer 02:12:32
Add Secondary Header 02:18:25
Setup Payment/Shipping/Coupons 02:25:44
Test Transaction 02:37:20
Create About Page 02:41:08
Create FAQ Page 02:44:15
Create Blog Page 02:49:10
Create Contact Page 02:52:22
Set Mega Menu Navigation 02:54:30
Customize Logo, Colours & Fonts 02:59:39
Final Words & Congrats 03:15:38

Optional Support/Updates: (Use Code: HOGAN for 30% Off)

FAQ: Coming soon…

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this step by step ecommerce website tutorial. If you have any questions please comment below 🙂

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00:00 today I'll be showing you how to create

00:02 this amazing ecommerce website step by

00:05 step hey guys my name is Hogan and

00:25 welcome to this tutorial where I'll be

00:27 showing you how to create this really

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