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How to Create Hotel Booking Web App: PHP

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How to Create Hotel Booking Web App: PHP

This tutorial will cover all the details (resources, tools, languages etc) that are necessary to build a complete and operational Hotel Booking web app.

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You will be guided through all the steps and concepts, starting from the basic ones like setting up the right tools and frameworks to the more advanced topics related to the development. And ultimately you will be able to create your own Hotel Booking web app without any difficulty.

What are the requirements?:
JavaScript/AngularJS v1
Database driven websites
Basic PHP and SQL

What is the target audience?:
Setup an environment for windows, mac, Linux with docker
You want to build database-driven Hotel Booking web app.
Learners who want to enhance their knowledge
This course will help the students who are doing their final projects

Project Outline

Session 1: In the first session we will setting-up the Environment with Docker Compose. PHP Unit and MariaDB

Setting up Docker
Setting up PHP 7 with Docker
Setting up PHPUnit with Docker
Setting up MariaDB with Docker

Session 2: In the second session we create a database model, the PHP model and the PHP controller, and a simple micro service

Database model
PHP Model
PHP Controller
Simple micro service

Session 3: In the third session we create the frontend with booking form and call the microservice

HTML mainframe with Angular.js
Formular for bookings
Use MicroServices

Session 4:

Write DAL Test
create API Application
setup angular js

Session 5:

Optimes API
Setup Routs with RegEx

Session 6:

Create Room Controller
Create Room Frontend


Working on Reservation
Working on Frontend Reservation Form
Create rooms and rates, cancelation policies, availability
Create cancelation from add cancelation rules
Create edit form
Create a user profile

MySQL Workbench

Find the full project for FREE with 7 Sessions here:




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