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How to start a career in data science | How to become a data scientist | Data science career

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How to start a career in data science | How to become a data scientist | Data science career

Data Science and Big Data Analytics are witnessing an upward trajectory since the past few years and 2019 is all set to embrace both. These technologies provide companies with incredible insights into their key target audience and help them hire the best talent via predictive analytics. Data analytics also makes it easier for them to understand the efficiency of their business model.

Embracing this technological bandwagon and digital revolution, companies are hiring skilled data scientists with a handsome pay.
1. Programming Languages and Tools
In a nutshell, the task of a data scientist is to acquire relevant data from an unorganized set of data and deliver the key insights into an understandable form for everyone in the company. Accordingly, to process and visualize the important data, the analytics professionals use a wide array of data programming languages and tools such as R, Hadoop, Python etc.

2. Statistical Analysis
A data scientist should be adept at Statistical Analysis. A large part of his task involves collecting relevant data and showcasing it in a consumable form to non-data professionals.
3. Data Visualization
It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. It’s true even in the field of mathematics and statistics. Data scientists must have the ability to visualize the relevant data and present it in a meaningful form. This helps those who are not familiar with raw data and statistics.
4. Machine Learning
Machine Learning is about writing algorithms based on large data sets that can either make predictions or take actions. For instance, if you are employing machine learning techniques for the banking sector, you can write an algorithm that can then automatically classify clients into good prospects or bad prospects.
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