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HTML and CSS Tutorial for Beginners Part1- HTML quick notes

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HTML and CSS Tutorial for Beginners Part1- HTML quick notes

Ultimate guide to HTML and CSS Tutorial for Beginners-part1-A quick view on HTML. For more updates, follow us on: to stay updated.


This is a new series of HTML and CSS tutorial for beginners. In this series we will be discussing integrating HTML with CSS and use it into our project to create a web project. Well, this is not a template build up from scratch, this is just methods those have been discussed here; but if you go through the tutorial and understand the subject well, you will be able to build up any theme or template as per requirement. We will discuss on every information on CSS or cascade style sheet to integrate with HTML and the best thing is, learning will be easy and short.

Things those have been discussed in this tutorial are:

1) How to create a root directory for the project
2) How to use Atom as your text editor. However, you may use anyone that you are comfortable with.
3) How to create your first ‘index.html’ page
4) Are Header tags a block level element?
5) Opening and closing tag
6) Empty and Container tags
7) Introduction to div and span- block level and inline elements

We previously created an HTML crash course. If you are interested in have a complete HTML tutorial only, you may go through this
course here:

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00:00 Hello and welcome to another new episode of learning simplified.

00:03 From now on we will be discussing on HTML and CSS integration, that means we are going

00:10 to implement a page based on HTML and we will integrate CSS with it.

00:15 In our previous case we had a discussion on crash course on HTML; you may check it out,

00:22 the link is provided in the description box below.

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