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Iterative Mobile Development – Andrea Falcone

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Iterative Mobile Development – Andrea Falcone

Video recorded at DevFest Ukraine 2018. The conference that brings together people who shape the future of Android, Web and Cloud technologies for 2 days of sessions, workshops, and networking.

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In the web world, developers can ship and iterate on features very quickly. How can mobile developers use this same process when there is overhead to doing a full release?

Learn how our team does iterative product development, from technical automation solutions to team process that facilitates it, giving developers control and bring features to your more customers quickly.

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00:00 [Applause]

00:06 we made it we are almost at the end of

00:10 the second day of dev fest we still have

00:12 some funny things and some serious

00:14 things and some party things but we made

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