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JavaScript Create HTML Element: How to dynamically add tags to your pages

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create HTML elements using JavaScript. In other words, we’ll dynamically create HTML elements with JavaScript code.

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There are two stages to creating HTML elements with JavaScript; creating a reference to a new HTML element and secondly adding it to the current Document Object Model (DOM).

In the tutorial we’ll go through this process and see how we can use JavaScript to create a new div HTML element dynamically. This will give us the basic structure and approach for dynamically creating other HTML elements with JavaScript.

You will see that the process of creating the element itself is also a two-stage process. We need first create the HTML tag itself and then add content inside that which can either be a text node or more HTML elements inside the parent node.

Once we’ve created our first div element we’ll look at how we can customise this before it gets added to the DOM. For example, we will look at doing the following tasks with our newly created element:

We’ll then look at some examples of how to add certain types of elements with your JavaScript code. It’s quite common for Junior Developers to ask questions like ‘In JavaScript, how to make a button?’ or ‘In JavaScript, how to add images?’ or ‘How to create HTML input elements in JavaScript?’. These examples will all be covered so that you can get a firm grasp of when you might use this technique to create elements with JavaScript.

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