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JavaScript Essentials: Working with Variables

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JavaScript Essentials: Working with Variables

In this tutorial, you’ll discover what variables are in JavaScript and how to declare them in three different ways.

Learning how to declare a variable in JavaScript is one of the fundamental things of not only JavaScript but programming in general. It’s basically the process of storing data to be retrieved and/or updated later on in your JavaScript code.

In the tutorial, you’ll learn three different ways on how to tell JavaScript about the variables you want to use and discover the difference between these three methods.

You will also learn how to store and update values to these variables that you declare and also how to retrieve these values for use in your JavaScript code.




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00:00 so in this lesson we're going to talk

00:01 about JavaScript variables and if you

00:04 don't know what a variable is it's

00:06 basically a way of storing a value in an

00:08 a name and updated and passed around to

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