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Javascript Print To Console Tutorial: Different ways to output data to the console

In this tutorial, you will learn the really simple function to use JavaScript to print to the console of your web browser.

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Even though this is a simple task there are a few other things you can use within your JavaScript code to print to the console.

First of all, you will also learn how to print a variable to the console with JavaScript.

You will also learn about some of the other ways of printing to the console with JavaScript.

These include using the console.warn() function, the function, and console.error() function.

The console.warn() function will allow you to send a notification to the console with JavaScript with an exclamation mark (at least when using JavaScript to print to the console with Chrome) to notify the user that there is something that might need attention.

The function is basically a replica of the console.log() function but it can be useful to use in your code to differentiate between warnings, errors, and informative messages.

Finally the console.error() function can be used to create a message which stands out in the console and is predominantly used to notify other developers or users that something went wrong and needs fixing.

As a final way to print to the console, you will learn about the console.table() function which is a handy way to format arrays and objects on the console for debugging purposes.

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