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L2: Data Warehousing and Data Mining |Enterprise data Warehousing|Data mart|Warehousing Terminology

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L2: Data Warehousing and Data Mining |Enterprise data Warehousing|Data mart|Warehousing Terminology

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L2: Data Warehousing and Data Mining |Enterprise data Warehousing|Data mart|Warehousing Terminology
In the Today’s lecture i will cover Introduction to Data Warehousing and Data Mining of subject Data Warehousing and Data Mining which is one of the important subject of computer science and engineering
Data Warehousing: Overview, Definition, Data Warehousing Components, Building a Data Warehouse, Warehouse Database, Mapping the Data Warehouse to a Multiprocessor Architecture, Difference between Database System and Data Warehouse, Multi Dimensional Data Model, Data Cubes, Stars, Snow Flakes, Fact Constellations, Concept.
Unit 2:
Data Warehouse Process and Technology: Warehousing Strategy, Warehouse /management and Support Processes, Warehouse Planning and Implementation, Hardware and Operating Systems for Data Warehousing, Client/Server Computing Model & Data Warehousing. Parallel Processors & Cluster Systems, Distributed DBMS implementations, Warehousing Software, Warehouse Schema Design.
Unit 3:
Data Mining: Overview, Motivation, Definition & Functionalities, Data Processing, Form of Data Pre-processing, Data Cleaning: Missing Values, Noisy Data, (Binning, Clustering, Regression, Computer and Human inspection), Inconsistent Data, Data Integration and Transformation. Data Reduction:-Data Cube Aggregation, Dimensionality reduction, Data Compression, Numerosity Reduction, Discretization and Concept hierarchy generation, Decision Tree.
Unit 4:
Classification: Definition, Data Generalization, Analytical Characterization, Analysis of attribute relevance, Mining Class comparisons, Statistical measures in large Databases, Statistical-Based Algorithms, Distance-Based Algorithms, Decision Tree-Based Algorithms. Clustering: Introduction, Similarity and Distance Measures, Hierarchical and Partitional Algorithms. Hierarchical Clustering- CURE and Chameleon. Density Based Methods-DBSCAN, OPTICS. Grid Based Methods- STING, CLIQUE. Model Based Method –Statistical Approach, Association rules: Introduction, Large Item sets, Basic Algorithms, Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, Neural Network approach.
Unit 5:
Data Visualization and Overall Perspective: Aggregation, Historical information, Query Facility, OLAP function and Tools. OLAP Servers, ROLAP, MOLAP, HOLAP, Data Mining interface, Security, Backup and Recovery, Tuning Data Warehouse, Testing Data Warehouse. Warehousing applications and Recent Trends: Types of Warehousing Applications, Web Mining, Spatial Mining and Temporal Mining

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