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Looking for advice. Changed my life so much but need to do it even more! : javascript

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Around 2 years ago i left my home country to change my life. ( Got no family,friends really)

I’ve been in Bulgaria now. I’ve been working as coach ( league of legends ) thats my only income and literally only work i’ve done.( I was studying IT But dropped out at 18 as i had to start earning money with league to move out with my mother, shitty childhood) So i’ve been doing this league job since i was 17-25 basically.Its not very good and i know i can’t play games all my life.

I’ve changed so much. Mentally and physically. I did 1 year fitness blog :

Overall i’m happy but unhappy at the same time.

I’m stupid as ff and got no experience in life. (Basically started living life after i left Estonia)

Around year ago i met a friend and around 3 months ago he told me about coding. He said he learned 2 languages in 3 months while working and while having a girlfriend. And he actually got a coding job just within 3 months of learning.Which for me is impressive.I tried to self study python but honestly when it comes to self studying i’m horrible and it made me quite a bit depressed and i also disappointed him.

Past 4 months ive been quite depressed and hopeless. Everything seems to go downhill.

I hope there is a miracle and i can learn coding. I think it would fit my lifestyle. I don’t want to be stuck in a singe country. With coding i can work for different countries, from home etc. Thats a fucking dream!

tldr: Need to learn to coding but i’m stupid as ff. Any advice is welcome.

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