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Looking for Good codebases to practice “reading other peoples code” : javascript

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Hi /Javascript,

I am looking specifically for codebases that are easy to read, and follow most best-practice guidelines. (not perfect, for show codebases, but codebases that do not have a sign with “abondon all hope….”)

My purpose is to get better at reading other peoples code. I have done selfstudy this far, and can get stuff done.

its probably not pretty, and it takes me a long time to read my own code.

So I want to see how other people format/ structure their code, and also get better at understanding / reading code.

What are some good projects to get started with ?

I am not yet good enough to contribute, so this is not my purpose yet. for now I am just interested in good codebases that I can learn from reading and hopefully understand 🙂

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