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Node.js From Beginning Part #4 – Node Package Manager (NPM)

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Node.js From Beginning Part #4 – Node Package Manager (NPM)

In the fourth episode of Node.js from Beginning we will learn all about Node Package Manager (NPM).

NPM is both a CLI tool (actual node package manager) as well as a registry of third party modules/packages/dependencies. The CLI tool allows us to download/install modules/packages/dependencies from the official registry.

At the start of this video we’re going to learn more about site (official NPM’s site) and learn the basic package structure that every package follows.

After that, we’re going to learn how we can install different types of dependencies (“regular”, “development” and “global” ones).

Next, we’re going to learn what is the semantic versioning as well as how can we update our dependencies using a built in
NPM command.

At the very end we’re going to go over what we learned in a short summary.


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00:00 like you guys welcome to the next video

00:02 in our step to master nodejs

00:04 so in this video we're going to learn

00:06 all about node package manager and how

00:09 you can actually install one of the many

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