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Python Tutorial for Beginners 55 – Global, Local and Nonlocal variables in Python

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Python Tutorial for Beginners 55 – Global, Local and Nonlocal variables in Python

In this Python Programming Tutorial for Beginners video I am going to show you How to use Global, Local and Nonlocal variables in Python. A Python statement can access variables in a local scope as well as in the global scope. If some local and the global variable have the same name, the local variable shadows the global variable. Every function has its own local scope.The local variables in the function are the variables that are declared in that function.The nonlocal variables of a function are those that are visible in the function but not declared there. generally we use the nonlocal variables inside nested functions.

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00:00 hey guys welcome to the next video on

00:02 Python tutorial for beginners in this

00:04 video we will talk about global

00:06 variables local variables and non local

00:09 variables so let's get started so to

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