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React Ninjas Newsletter — Issue #11 – Jexia – Medium

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July 2 · Weekly newsletter · Issue #11 · By Andrés Cidel · Join here for free

Image by Danilo Woznica

Stay up-to-date and ahead of your peers with Andrés Cidel’s newsletter for React Ninjas.

Andrés is a fullstack developer currently building developer platform Jexia. Just learning React? Join his newsletter ’Master the World of ReactJS’.


New features and fixes we got with the latest React releases

A look at React 16.4, which includes lots of fixes, support for Pointer Events, some help with getDerivedStateFromProps(), and a few experimental features. By Tara Z. Manicsic.


Access Control in a React UI

Imagine you’re building a React.js app. Imagine the React app’s function is to manage a nuclear reactor. Now… imagine this app only exists so I can write a Medium post. By Dom DiCicco.

Using Recompose to write clean Higher Order Components

With Recompose it is easier to delegate the logic into small Higher-Order Components and then compose them into a more complex HOC. By JuanMa Garrido.


Refactoring Redux using React Context

I don’t like redux. Why import multiple dependencies into React and write tons of boilerplate in order to get React to do what it can already do natively? By Joshua Lacey.

Using Cypress to test webpack-based React applications

On how to use the Cypress testing framework to test webpack built application — our experience, the issues we encountered and the solutions we devised for them. By Dan Homola.

Use a decorator to implement Pub/Sub in a React application

You may have used Pub/Sub in Rails, or RabbitMQ, or maybe EventBus in Java. No matter what, there are a number of use-cases for it.

How to migrate from Angular to React without a massive rewrite

We’ve been renewing our front end stack lately. Joel, a software engineer at tells how we migrated from Angular to React without a massive rewrite. By Marc Cyr.


React Native and Redux

In the previous parts, we discussed about the setup for React Native, its components, Firebase, Redux and created a few apps with it. By Anuj Baranwal.

React with(out) MobX (part 1 of 2)

How to get all the benefits of MobX without “polluting” your stores and components. By José Manuel Aguirre

React with(out) MobX (part 2 of 2)

In the previous article, I told you about the benefits of defining a single hoc (higher order component) for all your application. By José Manuel Aguirre.

How to build a chat app with React Native

Let’s create a basic chat application that works on every iOS and Android device. By Evan Bacon.

Building a persistent React Native chat app: Part II

If you’re reading this series for the first time, be sure to check out part I for more information about this project’s database. Welcome back. By Gabriel Rumbaut.


Tools of the Trade: React testing with Enzyme and Jest

Sometimes writing clean code when you’re in a groove can prove to be easier said than done. By Jon Rosado.

Unit testing Redux actions, reducers and epics with Jest

How can you quickly test and validate your Redux classes without needing to stand up an instance of your app and run live tests using tools such as Selenium? By Arron Harden.

Best React inline style libraries : Radium, Aphrodite, & Emotion

A libraries review that will help you use inline styles in your React app libraries allowing you to use features not directly supported otherwise (like media queries). By Esteban Herrera.


Reflecting on React Native

Because we’re adopting RN more and more — and we’ve been using Airbnb as a protagonist of our use case — we express our views and aid in the discussion. By November Five.

Should we use React Native?

If you read beyond the headline of Airbnb’s post, it mostly says that React Native is pretty great but just not a good fit anymore for Airbnb. By Charlie Cheever.

Airbnb and React Native expectations

By now, most iOS developers have probably heard the news that Airbnb is moving away from React Native. I’m here to talk about its quite excellent blog posts. By Ash Furrow.

A Swift developer’s React Native experience

I began this Swift blog almost three years ago when I was a Swift-only mobile developer looking to become a full time iOS developer. By Justin Stanley.

React Native is Getting Evicted by Airbnb: Our Response

While React Native may not be the best tool for their app ecosystem, we still believe it’s the best option for us here at Headway. By Headway.

The status of JavaScript outside of the browser: 2018 & beyond.

JavaScript is showing its great powers in various areas and sometimes it has more potential from outside the browser. By Jae Sung Park.

July 2 · Weekly newsletter · Issue #11 · By Andrés Cidel · Join here for free

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