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Learn to build a complete social network using React Node JS Express and MongoDB from absolute scratch.

This course covers the following topics in terms of learning and building real web application.

Node JS From Scratch
Node JS API Development from Scratch
React JS from Scratch
Modern JavaScript from Scratch
A FullStack Social Network Application from Scratch
Build Rock Solid Authentication with Password Forgot/Password Reset using JWT
Implement Social Login
CRUD, Image Upload, User Posts Relationships, follow, unfollow, likes, comments and more
Full Source Code is available for each major section and lectures
Direct help from Instructor if you ever get stuck!
In depth understanding of Modern JavaScript, React and Node JS
Each line of code is explained!
Easy to understand (Course starts from absolute basic and gradually makes progress)
Follow the best practices while coding
Fully understand the code you are writing
Best way of structuring Node Js and React application so that it scales in future

You are one step away from becoming a FullStack JavaScript Developer. Here is the course link:




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00:00 hello and welcome to learn and

00:02 understand node.js and we exist from

00:05 absolute Squared's

00:06 this might sound too good to be true but

00:09 trust me this course starts from

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