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Responsive Design Lesson from Mobile Web Specialist Nano Degree for UDACITY

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Responsive Design Lesson from Mobile Web Specialist Nano Degree for UDACITY

What is mean by responsive?
Responsive Is an art concept not Science which mean there is no right solution it’s mean like the art more you practice more you will a make a great responsive design, the goal of responsive is no matter the device type like mobile or tablet or desktop or TV all those types with different sizes you will make your web site fit all of them , and the goal of this lesson is to how to think responsively


One of goals of responsive
The mobile market is growing faster than any other market.
And if you’re a web developer and not building for mobile devices,
you’re just going to lose all of your users.
That’s the core concept behind responsive design.
Make your content work across any device.

Tools are used to make your website is responsive
Instead, you buy every device in this world to test your web site
A simulator or emulators.
Simulators and emulators are great tools.
While they’re not always 100% accurate, because they’re on different hardware
We will use an emulator built into Chrome and I will show you how we will work on it,
Emulation is definitely the much cheaper solution because you don’t need to buy every device in this world

Accessing Chrome’s Developer Tools
Ctrl + Shift + J
Or Press F12
You will find a mobile icon click on it and you will find a window look at the top of this window and choose which device type or size you want , may be want a custom size




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