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Run PowerShell Core in Docker Containers on Raspberry Pi

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Run PowerShell Core in Docker Containers on Raspberry Pi

Microsoft PowerShell Core runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows, but the days of installing software directly on top of your operating system are diminishing. Thanks to Docker, we can easily package up PowerShell inside a container image and ship it around easily. This includes your Raspberry Pi, since PowerShell is compiled for ARM devices in addition to Intel x86 / x64 system architectures.

The goal of this video is to explore how you can build your own PowerShell container images, using a Dockerfile that’s publicly available on Microsoft’s GitHub organization for PowerShell.

Documentation | Install Docker Community Edition:
PowerShell Core on GitHub:
PowerShell Dockerfile for Raspberry Pi on GitHub:

Producer: Trevor Sullivan

Intro music “Amen Tune” used, with permission, from Aaron Static. Check out his music here:

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00:00 [Music]

00:12 hey guys it's Trevor coming to you with

00:14 another video and today we are going to

00:18 be talking about how you can install

00:20 PowerShell on a Raspberry Pi running the

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