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Setup Magento Store with Multiple Language

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Setup Magento Store with Multiple Language

This video provides information about How to Create Multiple Stores with Different Content for Magento Website?

One of Magento’s greatest strengths is its capabilities for scaling to support multi-store and multi-language retailing all from the same backend.

Now we create the store view which is the interface that the customer will be able to access on the frontend. Click the “Create Store View” button in System – Manage Stores.

• Store — store to which this view will be associated
• Name — name of this store view (i.e. English Version, German Version, etc.)
• Code — code for this store view
• Status — if enabled, this store view will be accessible from our front end, otherwise, it will not be accessible

To add different content to your website for different products:
Catalog – Manage Products – Edit the existing product – Left top side – Choose Store view – From the drop down box select your store view.

Untick the store view box besides the content area on the right side and edit the content. The content cannot be changes for the attribute area marked as global. To edit it, you will need to change the ‘Global’ for the attributes in manage attributes.

So similarly you can create different CMS blocks and category. And can create different page for the different store view and can build on your own the complete new store with a different language and content.

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