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Simple Twitter Bot (Part 1) – int0x33 – Medium

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Building bots is fun, nothing like watching idiots argue with AI on Twitter or abusing an algorithm to make ‘top posts’ display the best of the worst, yep, if you have ever coded a bot you know what I mean.

Today I want to share a very simple bot project that listens for a hashtag and then sh*?po$ts on the stream, we will improve this bot to use AI to pick better topics to sh*?po$t about and also switch up targets/tactics to try and remain covert and not get banned.

In later parts of the series we will try and monitor key accounts, see what topics interest them and using AI we will see if we can generate tweets to post that may socially engineer engagement. Of course we will only test this on accounts we control and no content will be malicious.


To get these tokens you must register on the developer portal and request api access…


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