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Software developer career Interview questions and answers | Epic system

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Software developer career Interview questions and answers | Epic system

Questions and Answers by Rajkumar Saini, brought to you by Placement Boat.

Software developer details:-
Name : Rajkumar Saini
Currently Placed : Software Developer, Epic System Corporations.

Epic Systems Corporations is a private Heath Care software company which is headquartered at Wisconsin, USA. It basically holds all of the patients’ records. According to the company records, it holds 54% of the patients’ records in the entire of US and 2.5% of the whole of the world.

What is the selection procedure?
The selection procedure consists of 3 rounds.
The first is the written round followed by two telephonic interviews.

The first round, the written one is the most important one. It consists of 4 sections.
Section 1 consists of general aptitude where simple mathematics is tested.
Section 2 is a new language round in which there are some rules that are given and the questions have to be solved according to those specific set of rules.
Section 3 tests the speed of the candidate. There are 10 questions which are given to be solved in 2 minutes.
Section 4 is the programming test where 4 programming questions are given to be solved using Java or C++. There is no compiler being provided, but just a notepad where the candidate has to write codes. Hence, it is important to properly identify the codes and write them so that they are identifiable.

The telephonic interview happens only after the written round for a very few selected candidates. There are two telephonic interviews. One is technical and the other one is HR.

The technical interview focuses on any specific project or work that the candidate has done during his years of study and internship. He/she is asked about the problems and challenges faced during that period and how he/she handled it.
This is followed by some very basic questions and then an open ended question where he/she is asked to design a database, for example.

The HR interview then consists of few general questions in order to know a bit more about the candidate. He/she is asked about the problems faced and how he/she overcame them, whether he/she is ready to travel and such general questions.

Companies such as Epic Systems look for basic knowledge about data structure, operating software and data basic.
Also, all the interview rounds are telephonic. Hence, one should have good communication skills to be able to express his ideas properly.




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