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Why Context Matters in JS – Siimon Stark – Medium

Source link 1). Why understanding context is an important part of mastering JavaScript While learning JavaScript, you may notice that keeping things dynamic and reusable is a huge part of producing “good” code. JavaScript gives us many vanilla tools that help us achieve this dynamic flow. From variables to functions and . . . Read more


Hey Namrata, – Gunjit Bedi – Medium

Source link Hey Namrata, Regarding your first question, the script is not dependent on number of labels. Just randomly update some of the labels to a 3rd label, the script will run fine. And about your 2nd question, i actually use pycharm and it is running fine on that. However, . . . Read more


Week 8 – CS373 Spring 2019: Alex Leung – Medium

Source link What did you do this past week? This past week was a busy one. I had two tests, in Introduction to Computer Security and Software Engineering, and a project due in Introduction to Computer Security. The project wasn’t actually due this past week, but since it was due on . . . Read more

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