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Integrating Facebook Customer Chat into a React.js App

Source link With Facebook Customer Chat widget you’re now able to connect with your website visitors (customers) even after they left your site. How cool is that 😉 View source code at You would start by creating a Facebook Page for your app or product, find your Page ID in . . . Read more


Road to React | Directory Structure | Part 2

Road to React | Directory Structure | Part 2 Here we discuss about the Directory Structure of React. Let’s dive deep into the folder structure and find out how the default react application is working. Welcome to the Second tutorial series on ReactJS in Nepali Language. Any sort of feedback . . . Read more


React Simple Animate – UI Animation made simple

Source link Make React animation easy Follow CSS animation standard React the only dependency Transition from inline style A to B. Inline style React animation made easy PlayLearn more… <Animate play={false} startStyle={{ opacity: 1, filter: ‘blur(0)’ }} endStyle={{ opacity: 0, filter: ‘blur(10px)’ }} > <Component /> </Animate> Animate CSS Keyframes . . . Read more

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